rigging hardware

CWR Hawaii offers a large range of hardware to satisfy many different applications. Stocking a wide variety of shackles, hooks, eye bolts, rings, and more. Available in different sizes, types, and working load limit’s.

If your specific ROPE needs or requirements are not shown, please consult CWR Hawaii sales or technical department for information and recommendations.


Shackles are a versatile hardware for connecting slings, pick points, other hardware, and essential for a number of rigging, overhead lifting, pulling, and tiedown applications. Shackles come in different types, sizes and working load limits. Shackles are also available in stainless steel, carbon, or painted.

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Eye Bolts/Swivel Hoist Rings/Eye Nuts

Eye Bolts come in many different sizes, types, threading (imperial or metric), and thread lengths. Eye Bolts are an economical way of installing lifting or securing eyes when needed. Some Eye Bolts working load limit may be reduced, due to angle loading.

Swivel Hoist Rings functions like an eye bolt, but it also has the ability to swivel and pivot. Like eye bolts, they come in different types and configurations. Swivel Hoist Rings are often used in place of an eye bolt when an overhead lift is angular. Most Swivel Hoist Rings are required to be torqued down to the manufacturer’s torque specifications.

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Eye Hooks

This rope offers high tensile strength and better resistance to abrasion and UV rays than polypro rope, as well as softer feel. Excellent resistance to abrasion, UV light, oil, rot and most common chemicals.

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Master Links & Rings

Master Links are connecting points for single and multi-leg slings. The wide design allows sling legs to be properly seated and spaced for a multiple leg bridle lift. Master Links are available in different shapes, sizes, working loads, and uses. Oversized Master Links may be utilized on larger crane hooks or fittings.

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Forged Swivels are connecting links designed to connect a fixed connection point with a sling leg or wire rope to prevent unnecessary twisting and binding of sling and other attachments. Connecting swivels help keep the connection inline and prevent side loads on connection points such as eye bolts or other fixed connections.

Bearing Type Swivel design allows swivel to rotate freely under load. These swivels come in different configurations (jaw, eye, or hook), working load, and sizes. Some swivels may have a grease nipple for ensuring continued performance.

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A Turnbuckle is a device for adjusting tension or length of ropes, cables, tie rods, and other tensioning systems. Available with different end fittings (jaw, eye, and hook). Use jaw or eye end turnbuckles for overhead lifting, hook style turnbuckles are for guying or “plumbing up”.

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Wedge Sockets & Wire Rope Clips

Wedge Sockets are a detachable end termination, in which the rope is clamped between housing and wedge. Select the correct Wedge Socket for the type of wire rope (6×19, 6×37, 19×19, 35×7). Used on the end of crane wire rope to dead end to a block or boom.

A Wire Rope Clip consists of a U-shaped bolt which fixes the wire rope against the saddle when the two nuts are tightened and creates a loop/eye in the wire rope. Wire Rope Clips have an efficiency rating of 80% up to 7/8″ size. Not for use in overhead lifting. Follow manufacture’s guidelines for installation.

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Stainless Steel Hardware

Stainless Steel Hardware, Type 316.

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