CWR Hawaii offers wire rope in a wide variety of constructions, finish, cores and steel grades. See general information on wire
rope constructions emphasizing the most common applications, based upon new, unused wire rope.

If your specific wire rope needs or requirements are not shown, please consult CWR Hawaii sales or technical department for information and recommendations.

7×7 and 7×19 Aircraft Cable Galvanized/Stainless Steel

Distinguished from wire rope by the type of core used and originally designed for use in the aircraft industry and military applications, the versatility of our aircraft cables has led to their use in a wide range of commercial industrial applications.

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6×19 and 6×36 Class Wire Rope

The 6×19 Classification of wire rope is the most widely used. With it’s excellent combination of flexibility and wear resistance, rope in this class can be suited to the specific needs of diverse kinds of machinery and equipment.

The 6×36 Class of wire rope is characterized by the relatively large number of wires used in each strand. Ropes of this class are among the most flexible available due to the greater number of wires per strand, however their resistance to abrasion is less than ropes in the 6×19 Class

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35×7 Rotation Resistant Rope

Rotation Resistant 35×7 is a flexible design multi-application hoist rope with high rotation resistance and renowned for its excellent extended service life. The rope is double compacted for both inner and outer stands, resulting in higher break strengths. Especially suited for multi-layer spooling with its high crush and abrasion resistance.

The rope is a balanced design with a greater number of inner stands to counteract the torque of the outer strands. The core being of modern design, it avoids crossovers between the stands of the core, reducing the risk of internal rope damage. Able to be used with or without a swivel, resulting in no loss of breaking strength. Suitable for both single and multi-part line (reeving).

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Compact 19 Rotation Resistant Rope

Compact 19 Rotation Resistant Wire Rope is designed for use anywhere the rotation-resistant characteristics of a category 2 rotation-resistant rope are required. Because of its tightly compacted smooth design, it offers more crushing resistance than standard 19×7 wire rope, higher strength-to-diameter, resistance to bending fatigue, exceptional stability, reduced wear to sheaves and drums, and improved handling, operating and spooling characteristics.

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19×7 Rotation Resistant Wire Rope

The 19×7 Rotation 19×7 Rotation Resistant Wire Rope is recommended for use with mobile cranes. The rope is a low cost rotation resistant rope that has better rotation resistance than 8-strand rotation resistant rope.

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